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We promote diversity, engage in new technologies and support entrepreneurship.

ARYZE creates Digital Cash to make payments cheaper, faster and smarter.

By bridging the gap between traditional financial infrastructure and distributed ledger technology, we create an efficient, flexible, transparent, and compliant ecosystem allowing innovators to build solutions for the future.

Our solution will reduce the cost of transferring money to near zero and we work actively to promote financial inclusion and to help solve the SDG #10.


Founded 22nd of August, 2017 in Copenhagen, Denmark

Jack Nikogosian is the founder and Carl Jenster and Morten Nielsen are co-founders

Won the award for Best Fintech at Venture Cup 2018

Was awarded “Best Startup” at Copenhagen Fintech Week 2018

Office at Købmagergade 22 – 1150 Copenhagen, Denmark

Featured as one of the 10 hottest fintechs in Europe as part of the 2019 Fintech50 list

Jack Nikogosian

Jack Nikogosian is an award winning Danish blockchain expert with a vast knowledge of the cryptocurrency space. In 2015 he became internationally known as Bitcoin Jack after paying solely with Bitcoin for an entire month. With his outgoing personality and quick thinking, he delivers an inspiring stage presence and is an international speaker. Professionally, he has worked with major players in the Danish crypto/payments arena.  With great insight in terms of trends within cryptocurrency, blockchain, digital payments and tokenization, Jack has the unique skill of being able to combine new technologies.

Morten Nielsen

Morten Nielsen is a former JP Morgan and UBS investment banker where he held senior positions in London, Paris and Tokyo, working mostly with hedge funds, fixed income, derivative marketing and structured products

Since then he has also gained a great knowledge about blockchain related applications, digital assets and stablecoins as well as crypto funding and has today positioned himself as an expert in these areas. 

The digitalization of financial assets is a great passion of Morten’s, and his vision for a new globalized digital financial infrastructure plays a significant role in the success of ARYZE.