FUTURE OF Digital Cash

ARYZE is a Danish-based Fintech, developing services linked to the fourth industrial revolution, specifically related to digital assets & programmable money. We are soon ready to launch ARYZE eEUR, a full reserve EURO stablecoin.

ARYZE Digital Cash 

ARYZE eEUR is the first stablecoin in the ARYZE Digital Cash series. Stablecoins issued by ARYZE are inspired by Cash and are the closest thing to a CBDC (central bank digital currency) without being issued directly by a government. Following eEUR, ARYZE will issue eGBP, eUSD & from there, 13 additional currencies.

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Full-reserve Banking  

Stablecoins issued by ARYZE are backed by a full-reserve model. The concept of full-reserve banking has been conceptualized since the great depression, where The Chicago plan was conceived to help eliminate bank runs and replace the fractional reserve system by insisting that banks always hold enough liquid assets to cover 100% of their loans.

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Programmable Money 

ARYZE are blockchain agnostic, and we believe that ARYZE Digital Cash should operate across different systems. ARYZE eEUR is initially issued on the Ethereum blockchain as an ERC20 token, and through the ARYZE Bridge (Codename Bifrost), users can ‘bridge’ from Etherum to other platforms, such as BNB Chain. 

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Best In Class Partners

Globally Scalable

ARYZE is working with key partners such as IBM, Episode Six, Grant Thornton & Onfido to ensure that we will deliver secure, inclusive, and modern fintech services to everyone. Initially, ARYZE will issue Digital Cash in various supported currencies, and later we will launch an official wallet app called MAMA 


Our story & our mission

empower individuals and businesses alike.

We believe that payments can become cheaper, faster, and much smarter by making money digital. ARYZE was founded in August 2017 to create a fully digital representation of cash notes & coins. Just six months later, ARYZE won Best Fintech at Venture Cup, and in June 2018, ARYZE was named Denmark’s Best New Startup at Copenhagen fintech week. Before the end of 2018, ARYZE was already featured on Forbes.com.

ARYZE envisions bridging traditional financial infrastructure with distributed ledger technology, creating an efficient, flexible, and transparent ecosystem that allows innovators to build solutions for the future.

Media mentions

Our Achievements

ARYZE has earned numerous awards and recognitions. We are very proud of our achievements and believe that our mission is validated when we can add value to society at large and the Worldwide Fintech Community. At the same time, we hope and trust that our merits instill a lot of pride to our employees internally and send a strong signal to candidates out there considering ARYZE as their next career step.


What we are Creating

A complete digitization of cash will have several  awesome advantages. Here are a few things that ARYZE emphasizes.

Financial ecosystem

The world is getting smaller and more connected, but the barriers to international money transfer are as high as ever. By making money digital, direct, and dynamic, people can manage funds much more efficiently than ever before.

Trust and transparency

ARYZE Digital Cash is backed in a full-reserve backend model, meaning that the fiat that backs Digital Cash is placed back into the central banks that originally issued it. ARYZE is working with Grant Thornton, who will be given reading rights to our safe custody accounts to audit the government-guaranteed assets that ARYZE holds.

Financial inclusion

Offering unbanked people and businesses access to financial services will significantly reduce world poverty, boost global economies and bring the world a little closer together. ARYZE will support financial inclusion through both the Digitization of Cash (eeur.io) and our modern wallet application, MAMA (mama.io)

Full-reserve banking

Creating a digital replica of the cash in your hands today: reliable, transferable, and backed by your central bank. Digital Cash can be sent and spent around the world at the touch of a button. The only thing our cash can’t do is be lost or stolen. Digital Cash is everything your cash is, and more.


Digital cash, similar to traditional cash, should be available everywhere and for everybody. ARYZE offers a bridge (codename Bifrost) so that Digital Cash can be issued to multiple different blockchains and protocols, thereby becoming instantly scalable and giving users the ability to code in their preferred language.

Use- Cases

Despite recent technological advancements, money is still analogue, which causes several fundamental problems within the financial system.

Full Reserve Banking

From Fractional to Full Reserve Banking

Financial Inclusion

Serving the Underbanked of the World


Bringing Fees to Near Zero

Anti-Money Laundering

Compliant KYC and AML Procedures

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