We make make dumb money smart. 

Our EURO stablecoin, ARYZE eEUR, is now listed and avalible for trading on the European exchange Switchere. Soon, we will present MAMA DeFi, a decentralized exchange where eEUR will be tradable against other variants of Digital Cash, such as eGBP and eUSD.

Digital Cash 

ARYZE Digital Cash (eEUR, eUSD & eGBP) are stablecoins, free from credit, bank & counterparty risks as government-issued assets back them. ARYZE Digital Cash is inspired by cash and is similar to CBDCs (central bank digital currencies), as they are not subject to wild swings in value and can always be redeemed to traditional fiat.

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Decentralized Exchange 

MAMA DeFi is a decentralized exchange where people can trade Digital Cash. – Like with traditional Cash, users remain in control of their assets at all times, as they hold their private keys themselves. On MAMA DeFi, people can create LP tokens (liquidity pool tokens), to earn fees generated from trades, by depositing Digital Cash into liquidity pools.
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Programmable Money 

ARYZE Digital Cash is programmable money and can be used across different blockchains. Users can use the ARYZE Bridge to move Digital Cash from one platform to another, creating unlimited opportunities. When bridging Digital Cash the first tokens being bridged are burned and an equal amount of new tokens on the second chain are issued.

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Best In Class Partners

Globally Scalable

ARYZE is working with key partners such as IBM, Episode Six and Grant Thornton to ensure that we will deliver secure, inclusive, and modern fintech services to everyone. Initially, ARYZE will issue Digital Cash in 3 supported currencies (eEUR, eUSD & eGBP), and more variants will be added as we scale globally.


Our story & our mission

empower individuals and businesses alike.

1.7 billion adults are left unbanked due to a lack of identity & not having enough money. This lack of access to basic financial services can prevent people from being self-sufficient and economically strong.

ARYZE is a Copenhagen-based fintech that is on a mission to solve the biggest problems within the financial system by promoting global financial inclusion and enabling the two billion unbanked people worldwide to access basic financial services.


Media mentions

Proud Moments

We are very proud of our achievements and believe that our mission is validated when we can add value to global fintech communities. At ARYZE, we hope and trust that our results instill much pride in our team and send a strong signal to candidates considering ARYZE as the next career step.


What we are Creating

Complete digitization of cash will have several awesome consequences & advantages. Here are a few things that we want to highlight.

Financial ecosystem

DeFi & Web3 offer an exciting way to blur the lines between traditional finance and crypto. ARYZE Digital Cash works across blockchain and banking rails, enabling money to work across exciting and future solutions. By utilizing smart contracts, users of Digital Cash can access a growing ecosystem that offers a wide range of financial services that were previously only available through centralized institutions.

Trust and transparency

ARYZE Digital Cash are stablecoins that are backed one-to-one by government-guaranteed assets. This means that there is no credit, bank, or counterparty risk associated with using ARYZE Digital Cash, such as eEUR & eUSD. ARYZE is working with trusted parties like Grant Thornton, who will have reading rights to our safe custody accounts, to audit the solvency of Digital Cash.

Financial inclusion

ARYZE Digital Cash, such as eEUR & eUSD is a great way for people without access to financial services to send, receive, and handle money. They can help avoid the volatility often associated with other cryptocurrencies and because they operate as stablecoins across different blockchains, anyone with a mobile device can access Digital Cash.

Full-reserve banking

ARYZE Digital Cash, similar to actual cash, is are bearer instruments, has a guaranteed value and is backed by 1:1 with assets that hold government guarantee. There are a number of advantages to full reserve banking versus fractional, such as us being able to always meet customers' demands for withdrawals but perhaps most importantly, full reserve banking is much more simple, stable & ethical solution.


ARYZE is committed to building a connected and integrated ecosystem for Digital Cash. Our goal is to make it easy for businesses, developers, and individuals to use Digital Cash across different blockchains, protocols, and Dapps. Digital Cash works initially across Ethereum and Binance Chain and using the Digital Cash bridge (Codename Bifrost), users can seamlessly transfer assets from between blockchains.

Use- Cases

Full-reserve banking is the future of fiat currency and ARYZE Digital Cash will be a useful tool in combating money laundering, reducing fees for the unbanked, and making transferring money more efficient.

Full Reserve Banking

From Fractional to Full Reserve Banking

Financial Inclusion

Serving the Underbanked of the World


Bringing Fees to Near Zero

Anti-Money Laundering

Compliant KYC and AML Procedures

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