FUTURE OF Digital Cash

We are building a full-reserve bank using regulated cloud-native banking software and making money fully programmable.
Instead of Fractional Reserve

Full Reserve 


ARYZE is creating Digital Cash, a digital representation of existing government currencies backed by Central Bank assets and deposits.
Multi-Asset Modular App


Wallet Platform

MAMA is a modular payment wallet where people and businesses can send, store and receive Digital Cash securely and for free.

Hardwired T&Cs Into Transactions



Digital Cash can be issued to Ethereum or other blockchains and become effective on exchanges, liquidity pools, financial services, games and much more.

Best In Class Partners

Globally Scalable

RYZEnet is our back-end and it is built on technology by our partners at IBM, Onfido, and Episode Six. It will ensure that we can deliver a secure, inclusive and modern cloud-native banking solution for anyone.

ARYZE introduces
borderless Digital Cash

empower individuals and businesses alike.

Our solution enables interoperability to blockchain and makes banks’ IOUs fully programmable. We bridge the gap between traditional finance and modern technology by transforming analogue money into smart money.

Media mentions

Our Achievements

ARYZE has earned numerous awards and recognitions. We are very proud of our achievements and believe that our mission is validated when we can add value to society at large and the Worldwide Fintech Community. At the same time, we hope and trust that our merits instill a lot of pride to our employees internally and send a strong signal to candidates out there considering ARYZE as their next career step.


What we are Creating

ARYZE is developing the interactive series of technological solutions that are required to build a modern, comprehensive payment system.

Financial ecosystem

The world is getting smaller and more connected, but the barriers to international money transfer are as high as ever. By making money digital, direct and dynamic, you can save, send and spend as you please.

Trust and transparency

Building a full-reserve bank, meaning every digital dollar will be placed in the central bank that originally issued it. Using distributed ledgers to maximise security and minimise fraudulent activity, enabling seamless transactions.

Financial inclusion

Empowering the unbanked 30% of the global population to access financial services will significantly reduce world poverty, boosting the global economy and bringing the world a little closer together.

Digital cash

Creating a digital replica of the cash in your hands today: reliable, transferable, and backed by your central bank. Digital Cash can be sent and spent around the world at the touch of a button. The only thing our cash can’t do is be lost or stolen. Digital Cash is everything your cash is, and more.


Digital cash should be available everywhere and for everybody. Creating an interoperability link so that Digital Cash can be issued to multiple different blockchains and thereby become instantly scalable, as well as giving users the ability to code in their preferred language.

What we are Solving

Despite recent technological advancements, money is still analogue, which causes several fundamental problems within the financial system.

Full Reserve Banking

From Fractional to Full Reserve Banking

Financial Inclusion

Serving the Underbanked of the World


Bringing Fees to Near Zero

Money Laundering

Compliant KYC and AML Procedures

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