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“We’re not here to disrupt, but to reform. We’re here to build the necessary bridges that will make the current financial ecosystems evolve so they’re able to fully utilize the potential of a digital tomorrow.”

- Jack Nikogosian, CEO


Built on distributed ledger technology

Zero transaction fees, and affordable currency exchange services

Programmable money transfers, enabled by Smart contracts

Digital Cash backed by government risk

Enabling global commerce with an extensive financial solution designed for businesses

Consumer app with support for crypto and FIAT currencies

ARYZE Digital Cash

ARYZE Digital Cash is a range of cryptographically secure, stablecoins linked to the value of an underlying national currency.

ARYZE is digitizing actual cash, keeping underlying funds safe in the central banks that initially issued them. Unlike an IOU issued by a bank, ARYZE Digital Cash is fully backed, globally transferable and programmable. Using Distributed Ledger Technology, we will make sending real money as simple as sending an email.


Digital Cash can be sent globally to any ARYZE user - anytime, anywhere and in any currency that ARYZE supports at no transaction cost.


Digital Cash is backed by government bonds and bills making them safe from defaults and bankruptcy.


With an open mindset, we provide access to a toolkit for creating customizable solutions.


Through trusted third-party custodial services, your digital cash is contractually held safe in multi-signature security layers.


Banking the unbanked no longer requires that every single individual has an account with a bank, when a digital wallet can exist on your phone.


All you need is a smartphone with an internet connection. Simply with a phone number, you can get started.

Consumer product

Storage and transfer of Digital Cash in various
currencies in your mobile wallet.

Enables app developers to create customized
extensions in our modular marketplace.

Gateway to traditional financial services and
blockchain based assets.

E-commerce, virtual/physical debit card integrations.

business product

Streamlined account management for SMEs
and large corporations.

Analytical tools for tracking KPIs and financial data.

Instant availability of funds in the Digital Cash
management system for improved financial services and
cash management.

API integration tools for e-commerce, point of sale
devices, and other existing systems.



Stagnating economies and regional conflicts have a tendency to urge workers to find opportunities abroad, at an increasing rate. With the rise of migration, the amount of remittances to developing countries have rapidly grown.

Global average in remittance fees for cross-border transactions

UN goal for average global remittance fee in 2030

ARYZE fee for domestic and international remittances


Corporate Finance

Handling liquidity and coordinating cash flow to match supply chain demands are a huge cost of time and funds for corporations. Both internal and external transactions, having to go through conventional payment intermediaries, are expensive for SMEs.

ARYZE Business enables seamless handling of global liquidity with Digital Cash, at a fraction of the current cost.

Improved financial oversight and cash management throughout supply chains

Manage both internal and external flow of funds, safely and efficiently

Substantial savings for businesses on transaction and administrative costs


Blockchain, having passed through a monolithic age, will now go towards being useful as a microservice that can function as a record-keeper of transactions. The other microservices for the ARYZE platform facilitate interactions with the rest of the world.

By using blockchains, we have an immutable record of transactions of ownership available. That is a total record of all transactions of that particular ledger, its immutability proofs and its data persistence.

The blockchain functions as a pseudonym transaction record, making identification management more straightforward and implementable either within the blockchain or externally as a microservice on the platform.

Using distributed ledgers as microservices on our platform as building blocks that function as immutable record-keepers for transactions, ARYZE can offer financial services that facilitate interaction with the rest of the world.

Token Economics


The RYZE token is a hybrid utility/security token that pays out returns in the form of token burns – hence the security element. All fees in our ecosystem are paid in RYZE, clients are not required to hold RYZE tokens – hence the utility element. The payment of any fee will initiate an automated purchase of RYZE from the open market, which also factors in to our token burn process.


Shared gross revenues

50% buy-back-and-burn mechanism (on a regular basis) offers highly attractive returns

18-month vesting

Applicable for founders and advisors

Fair distribution

515 million max supply – tokens at $0.1 USD – 73% of tokens held by backers from token sales.

Shared gross revenues

According to our projections, ARYZE will burn more than $30 million USD equivalent in our own tokens, by 2021.


RYZE tokens are used to pay all fees and subscription costs, thereby ensuring constant use.


Jack Nikogosian

Founder & CEO

Morten Nielsen

co-Founder & CFO

Carl Jenster

co-Founder & Community Manager

Rasmus Bruun


Jodi Usama Husain

IT & Business development

Michaela Hendrickson

Brand Manager

Thomas Myers

Finance Manager

Raya Slavova

Project Manager

Thomas Wisbech

Software solution architect

Adriana Calinciuc

Junior graphic designer

Kris Henriksen

Fullstack developer

Extended Team

Peter Gelardi Mikkelsen

Community Ambassador

David Jacob Jensen

UX Architect
at kaksi

Tobias Happel

UX Architect
at kaksi

Mads Bjerre



Dr. Jeppe R. Stokholm

Founder of Stokholm Legal & Head of Corporate Finance, AmaZix

Marianne Haahr

Director at Sustainable Digital Finance Alliance

Per Lind

Co-Founder at Toridion Quantum Computing

Michel Avital

Professor at Copenhagen Business School

Fritz Henglein

Professor of Programming Languages and Systems, DIKU

Boris Düdder

Assistant Professor in Software Engineering Head of Security & Privacy, DIKU

Jonas Sevel Karlberg

Executive Chairman & Founder, AmaZix

Tony Craddock

Director General of the Emerging Payments Association

Peter Kristensen

Partner at C6 Advisors & Co-founder of ICON Awards


Brian Serup

Karen Teles Benitez

Bilal Kamal

Sisipho Zinja

Shannon Kariuki

Abishek Wadhwa

Jemimah Charles

Jelena Bradic

Aleksandra Dzincic

Joan Troneus

Bogdan Muntean

Anders Uhrenholdt

Nándor Érsek-Obádovics

Guo Xiaochun


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