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Payments done right…

Solving SDGs 9, 10 and 16 is our ultimate goal!

The idea for ARYZE was devised by tech native and blockchain expert Jack Nikogosian. After spending two years as the head of the innovation lab at Coinify, Nikogosian was frustrated that prototypes of blockchain-based products and services could not be built with national currencies. He realised that turning ‘smart money’ into real money could unlock some of the biggest problems within the financial sphere, and thus set down to work on creating such a solution.

As a result, ARYZE was founded in August 2017 with a mission to make payments cheaper, faster and smarter. Nikogosian, ARYZE’s CEO, co-created the company in the Copenhagen Fintech Lab with Morten Nielsen (previously at JP Morgan and UBS) and Carl Jenster. 

Just six months later, ARYZE won Best Fintech at Venture Cup, Denmark’s most prolific idea competition. In June 2018, ARYZE was named Denmark’s Best New Startup at Copenhagen fintech week. After a stint in Frederiksberg, in summer 2018 ARYZE moved into their current headquarters at Kobmagergade 22 in central Copenhagen. Before the end of 2018, ARYZE was already featured on 

2019 was an important year for ARYZE: in January they closed the first successful ICO in Danish history, raising 1.6 million USD. ARYZE won the People’s Choice Award at the SDG Tech Awards and was named as both a Top 50 Nordic Impact Company and one of the Ten Most Promising Fintechs in Europe by Fintech50. CEO Jack Nikogosian was listed as a top 100 talent in Denmark and was a finalist for Founder of the Year at the 2019 Nordic Startup Awards, where ARYZE was also a contender for Best Fintech Startup.

ARYZE has garnered attention from all major Danish publications as well as numerous prominent international media platforms. The company has hosted and attended countless community events, conferences and speaking publications all over the world. 

Now, in 2020, ARYZE is ready to launch Digital Cash. Guided by the values of transparency and inclusivity, we are on a mission to solve all the biggest problems within the financial system. ARYZE aims to reduce money transfer costs to near zero, and to provide solutions to meet UN Sustainable Development Goals 9, 10 and 16. ARYZE focuses on promoting global financial inclusion, enabling the two billion unbanked people worldwide to access basic financial services. We are building a system with the capacity to host and interact with every other existing financial system, both past and future.

ARYZE’s vision: to bridge traditional financial infrastructure with distributed ledger technology, creating an efficient, flexible and transparent ecosystem that allows innovators to build solutions for the future.

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Our Ambassador Program


Ambassador Program

The ARYZE ambassador program is a thriving diverse community of ambitious people looking to develop the next generation of fintech solutions. Our program is designed to empower, train and support ambassadors to realize their ideas or to join the team on our cutting edge projects.

A thriving diverse community

As an ambassador, you will gain networking opportunities, skill development, and a platform to build and integrate your fintech solution into our financial ecosystem. You will be included in the everyday decision making of the given venture and mentored directly by our head of community and fellow experts. 

We want the best community

We are looking for people who thrive on responsibility and can think structurally as well as creatively. Thinking outside of the box is a natural part of this role, and ambassadors must be adaptable, eager, open-minded and excellent communicators.

Meet the Team

About greyjack
Jack Nikogosian
About Robin
Robin G. Kristensen
Public Relations & Communications Intern
About greymorten
Morten Nielsen
About 160250250682406635
Leonardo Oddo Casano
Finance Intern
About jodi
Jodi Usama Husain
IT- & Business Development
About peter
Peter Gelardi Mikkelsen
Community Lead

Service Providers

Our foundational partners collaborate with us to ensure functionality and effectivity in our overall infrastructure.

About Pål Krogdahl

Pál Krogdahl

CTO & Banking Industry Technical leader for IBM in the Nordics.

He delivers tangible business value and leadership with a strong technological foundation.

Per Lind

Co-founder of Toridion the new quantum computing technology.

Multifaceted business developer and Crypto specialist helping companies with blockchain, machine learning and AI.
About PerLind e1603199562310
About Michel Avital e1603193203794

Michel Avital

Professor at Copenhagen Business School

With Blockchain development and design and innovation as specialty. He examines the crossroads of IT and people.

Fritz Henglein

Senior Vice President

Professor of programming languages and systems, DIKU. Skillful data structure and algorithms researcher-turned-entrepreneur.
About Fritz Henglein e1603193285239
About Marianne 1 e1603193645974

Marianne Haahr

Director Green Digital Finance Alliance.

It is co-chaired by the UN Environment Program. She designs solutions for financial inclusion and climate finance in emerging markets.

Dr. Jeppe R. Stokholm

Founder of Stokholm legal & head of corporate finance.

Highly experienced venture capitalist in digital wealth management, disruptive tech and supertrends.
About Jeppe stockholm
About Tony Craddock e1603203112673

Tony Craddock

Director general of the emerging payments association

Passionate about payments innovation and entrepreneurship.

Peter Kristiesen

Partner at C6 advisors & co-founder of Icon awards.

Highly sought-after trading & technology strategic advisor for Blockchain and ICO´s.
About Peter Kristensen e1603273014957

Boris Düdder

Assistant professor in software engineering head of security & privacy, DIKU

Highly proficient business analyst with a strong strategic acumen.
About Duedder e1603193362901

Our Advisors

About marianne haarh

Marianne Haahr

Sustainability Advisor​

Director Green Digital Finance Alliance.

About pål

Pål Krogdahl

Technical Advisor

CTO & Banking Industry Technical leader for IBM in the Nordics.
About perlind

Per Lind

Technical Advisor

Co-founder of Toridion the new quantum computing technology & Crypto technology specialist.
About 161243032864279286

Dr. Jeppe R. Stokholm

Legal Advisor

Lawyer and venture capitalist in Zürich Chairman of JP Fund Services. Specialized in digital wealth management and new disruptive trading platforms.
About michaeladvisor

Michel Avital

Academic Advisor

Professor at Copenhagen Business School with Blockchain development and transformation as specialty.
About peteradvisor

Peter Kristiensen

Financial Advisor

Founder of JP Fund Services. Previous global Co-Head of Sales, Trading and Technical Analysis (Saxo Bank).
About fritz

Fritz Henglein

Academic Advisor

Professor of programming languages and systems, DIKU

About tonyround 400

Tony Craddock

Business Advisor

Director general of the emerging payments association

About 155853360364679271

Boris Düdder

Security Advisor

Assistant professor in software engineering head of security & privacy, DIKU

About jimmiciclizedBW

Jimmie Steinbeck

Blockchain Advisor

Co-founder Tradite Technology, SNODE and Stakem packed with +10 years experience with crypto fin-tech and blockchain technology.

Meet our Ambassadors

Basically the coolest people walking on earth.

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