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Build resilient infrastructure, promote inclusive and sustainable industrialization and foster innovation
SDG #9 highlights the necessity of building infrastructure strong enough to facilitate inclusive and sustainable industrialization and innovation. ARYZE is building the tools to provide two billion people access to financial services, finally making finances inclusive and fostering every type of innovation worldwide.
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The problem...

Poor economic opportunity has pushed over 164 million people globally to move away from their families and homes in search of work. 800 million individuals rely on the remittance money those migrant workers send back. In 2018, $689 billion in remittances were sent around the world; in 30 countries, remittances comprised over 10% of their GDP. Sending remittances internationally costs, on average, 7% of the amount sent, meaning a staggering $48 billion per year is taken away from the global poor. That money would go a long way in reducing global poverty.

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Our solution...

By reducing the costs of international money transfers to near-zero, ARYZE is building an infrastructure that will allow that $48 billion to reach the digital pockets of migrant workers’ families. That money will boost local economies in low income regions around the world, diminish global income inequality, and help solve the imperative objectives of the UN SDG goal #9.

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How much does remittances cost?

Sending money home is most expensive for those who have the least.

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