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Promote peaceful and inclusive societies for sustainable development, provide access to justice for all and build effective, accountable and inclusive institutions at all levels
SDG 16 states that we must reduce illicit financial flows to facilitate peace and protection of humans against abuse, exploitation, trafficking and violence. By creating a financial ecosystem where money is traceable, we can prevent money laundering and track illicit activities such as human trafficking and drug trading.
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Money Laundering​

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The problem...

In a world where money moves further and faster than ever before, it is increasingly both difficult and necessary to track money laundering. Estimates place the amount of laundered money at 2-5% of the global GDP. Human and drug trafficking alone account for $500 billion in laundered money. Our current financial structure accommodates such illegal activities, as money easily becomes untraceable in the outdated system. While important, the AML regulations implemented to combat this are difficult to comply with, and add time and barriers to accessing financial services.

Our solution...

ARYZE’s system runs on distributed ledger technology, making it much more difficult to manipulate transactions. Our system allows us to respond rapidly to fraudulent activities even across borders, as the history of payments are filed in the ledger and accessible in the case of legal clause. With the proper technology, new clients can be onboarded through our KYC process in hours, rather than the weeks it takes traditional banks.
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Human trafficking and the drug industry alone account for more than $500 billion each year.
Money Laundering
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