MAMA Wallet -  Expected Q4 2022

Multi-asset Modular App, or ‘MAMA‘ is the perfect mobile wallet for people looking for financial stability and security. With MAMA, people can easily register an account and manage Digital Cash and other digital assets with ease. MAMA modules are also available as third-party extensions so that people can access different Dapps and new features directly from within MAMA, built by developers from all around the world.

People should be able to use smart money and DeFi without understanding the technicalities. Just like people can tap or swipe a credit card without knowing a lot about NFT or magnetism.

MAMA Mobile​​

The national currency in Denmark is already more than 90% digital, and Denmark has been the frontrunner in mobile applications for a very long time. With the experience gathered from Scandinavia, we have built MAMA, a modern mobile application that will allow most users to benefit from digitization through a framework that they are familiar and comfortable with.

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MAMA Business​

MAMA Business will offer businesses a modern, intuitive, secure, and transparent financial services platform that supports multiple currencies and third-party extentions. MAMA Business & MAMA Mobile works seamlessly together, and businesses can see massive advantages in accepting payments in Digital Cash, directly in their MAMA Business account.

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MAMA  Mobile App

MAMA is a customizable payment app where users can manage Digital Cash, and other digital assets fast, simple, and free. MAMA supports instant user signup, zero-fee transactions to and from all MAMA users, and a marketplace where users can access ‘Modules’ that give third-party functionality directly in MAMA.

Banking rails like

MAMA enables fast deposit and withdrawal of funds from traditional payment processors like card schemes and banks. It also facilitates virtual IBAN in multiple currencies, allowing for the direct settlement of income.

Zero fee payments to all MAMA users

MAMA supports a variety of assets and currencies like Digital Cash, cryptocurrencies, stocks and shares, and even other tangible assets like gold and silver. The personalized business dashboard will feature a multi-asset accounts function.

Cheap and instant FX

We offer mid-market FX prices with instant settlement in Digital Cash, easy management of preferred account currency, and features supporting automated exchange commands.

MAMA Modules

Access a huge range of services and Dapps (Decentralized Apps) directly from MAMA by installing a Modules from the Modules Marketplace. Users can use 'smart money' without understanding the complexities of Blockchain & Crypto-currencies.

MAMA Business

MAMA Business provides a safe and secure way for businesses to make and receive payments and access different financial services. MAMA Business works across banking and blockchain rails, and because of a multi-tier KYC approach, most businesses can get an account. Users of MAMA Business accounts can also receive instant payment from all users of the Mama mobile wallet without any added transaction fees or settlement costs.

Multiple currency and assets support

Supporting a variety of national currencies, stablecoins, cryptocurrencies and even other tangible assets like gold and silver. The personalised business dashboard will feature a multi-asset accounts functions.

Interoperable with external systems

Open Banking API access for custom integrations and interoperability to third-party blockchains allows businesses to issue Digital Cash to their own preferred ledgers.

Easy reporting and auditing

Hierarchical accounts and permissions allow for seamless compliance and reporting activities. We are also exploring reporting requirements, specifically for NGO's.

Hierarchical teams and management

Full cooperate overview of cash flows and expenditure, a personalized dashboard for each employee for their respective roles, and easy on-boarding of clients, partners, and employees.