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Reduce inequality within and among countries

SDG 10 is to “reduce inequality within and among countries”; ARYZE is building the tools to do so, creating a financial ecosystem that reduces international money transfer costs enough to allow 100% of remittance money to make it back to developing countries.

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Financial Exclusion

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The problem...

Today, two billion people are still unbanked, rendering safe financial services such as credit, savings and investments out of their reach. Further, poor economic opportunity has pushed over 164 million people globally to move abroad to find work; in 2018, $689 billion in remittances were sent around the world. On average, 7% of remittances sent are lost to fees, meaning a staggering $48 billion per year is taken away from the global poor. However, over 80% of people in developing economies have mobile phone access, giving digital finance the potential to reach 1.6 billion currently unbanked people. Despite this potential, existing banks and fintechs require clients to have some form of legal identification. One billion people worldwide have no such ID.

Our solution...

Instead of partnering with an external bank, ARYZE will become one, allowing it to set more flexible identification requirements while still meeting the KYC (Know Your Customer) requirements of national authorities. Depending on the ID type, ARYZE will offer tiered financial services, to provide universal basic access whilst maintaining security. We will use locally placed governments, NGOs and businesses to ID and onboard as many people as possible into our base level offerings, and will provide opportunities for customers to access higher-level services. ARYZE’s infrastructure will reduce international money transfer fees to near-zero, allowing the lost $48 billion in remittances to reach the digital pockets of migrant workers’ families and boost developing economies.
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