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Build resilient infrastructure, promote inclusive and sustainable industrialization and foster innovation

SDG #9 highlights the necessity of building infrastructure strong enough to facilitate inclusive and sustainable industrialization and innovation. ARYZE is building the tools to provide two billion people access to financial services, finally making finances inclusive and fostering every type of innovation worldwide.

Credit and Market Risk sdg9

From fractional to full reserve banking

Credit and Market Risk

Credit and Market Risk market risk1

The problem...

In today’s financial world our core money is at risk when deposited in a financial institution.

Financial institutions take risk which, we have limited insights into, based on our deposits of money, which leaves our money at risk if a financial institution defaults unless the deposits are credit insured or government guaranteed.

Corporate deposits are generally not insured or guaranteed. 

Bank credit policies in turn often have positive or negative economic consequences beyond what is acceptable from a general national economic perspective.

Our solution...

ARYZE is moving money deposits and transactions away from traditional banking fractional lending systems to a full reserve platform where the vast majority of the funds are placed 1 to 1 in central bank assets.

This way, we create real tangible values in digital format with very limited credit risk. The funds are safe, easily movable domestically and internationally, based on the same credit principles no matter in what currency the funds are kept.

Keeping the funds backed up at all times combined with our next generation cloud native core banking solution and blockchain ledgers combines into a next generation system for payments, value storage and remittances, which are unsurpassed by any existing banking and payment systems existing today.

Credit and Market Risk 11

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Credit and Market Risk
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